mercoledì 14 settembre 2011

New autumn range for V&A museum

Il tessuto fotografico Sunography, Trivia 80's e le foglie post-it. Il Victoria & Albert Museum di Londra ha messo online gli oggetti di design della collezione autunnale 2011. Una vasta gamma di esclusive tazzine con animali nascosti, tappi di bottiglia dello Zodiaco, reggilibri con bus londinesi, post-it a forma di foglia e tovagliette firmate da Sarah Young. Vi ho selezionati i più simpatici e carini! LINK V&A shop

Sunography Fabric Kit - Sun Powered Photography.
Place any object or transparency on the sunography fabric. Expose in bright sunlight, and rinse with water to reveal a rich blue print over assorted colours of fabric. Sunography fabric is 100% cotton, and light sensitive on both sides to make two sided prints. The superior quality of sunography fabric produces finely detailed prints. The prints can also be toned yellow or sepia using rinses with common household liquids. This type of print dates back to 1842 and was popularized by Anne Atkins, one of the first female photographers.
Autumn Leaf Sticky Note (Yellow)
Fun leaf shaped post it notes that can be used as book marks or reminders.

80's Music Trivia
Test your music knowledge from the 80's with 100 Trivia Cards.
Squirrel Stacking Game
He may be bushy-tailed but this squirrel needs your bright eyes to help him stack up his winter supply of snacks. Try to pile all of his acorns without tumbling the stack.

'Hidden Bear' Teacup
What a delight, as you drink up, an animal will appear in your cup. Perfect for hot or cold beverages, The Hidden Animal Teacups reveal a fox, an owl and a bear, oh my!

The Victoria & Albert Museum has put online the design objects for fall collection 2011. Look out for our range of web exclusives including Hidden Animal Teacups, Zodiac bottle stops, London bookends, leaf-shaped post-its and a charming tea towel range by Sarah Young. I have selected the most likeable and cute!

LINK V&A shop

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