lunedì 28 novembre 2011


Streamschool (Patakiskola) from Péter Vácz on Vimeo.

Here you are a short film sets in a world of fabric ... how could I resist to tell you about it?
Patakiskola (Streamschool) is the graduation film in BA Animation at Moholy- Nagy University of Arts and Design in 2010 by Péter Vácz with the magic touch of Kati Egely.
A little girl has an adventure with water as she travels from a small brook to the sea. A tale of growing up based on a Hungarian poem.
I like also the making of the set, the animation and the music.
Good work!

Péter Vácz Vimeo - Blog

2 commenti:

  1. A fascinating and enchanting story with lovely creatures... :)

  2. oh mamma mia ma è bellissimo! grazie per averlo condiviso, questo me lo segno su pinterest!!


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