lunedì 30 gennaio 2012

London: Natural History Museum and Chinese New Year

We spent a lovely day in London last sunday. First we visited the Natural History Museum: it was my first time there and I was really excited to meet dinosaurs and all the animals from the smallest invertebrate to the giant blue whale. 
Then we went into Chinatown where we find the Chinese New Year of the Dragon's parade. It was really nice admire the Lion Dances pass through the streets to bring good luck to the households and shops they visited. I love the lamps and decoration of London’s West End. 
Definately I spent a nice sunday!
London - Natural History Museum 2natural1London - Natural History Museum 4London - Natural History Museum 3London - Natural History Museum London - Capodanno CineseLondon - Capodanno Cinese 3London - Capodanno Cinese 2

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  1. Love your photos! I'd really like to visit that museum one day.

  2. Che bello, anch'io forse andrò a Londra quest'anno e mi piacerebbe vedere il museo di storia naturale!!!


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